Top 5 British fashion trends

July 29, 2021 Off By Calla

When fashion trends move from the catwalk to the street, you can expect an explosion of creativity and originality at every step. And in a city as eclectic and cosmopolitan as London, even the streets can sometimes look like a real fashion show.

Style, above all, according to BritainReviews, means individuality and courage, and London fashion proves this. Whether you adopt a classic, elegant style or a bolder one, English fashion invites you to forget about rigors and reinvent trends. A multitude of British fashion brands are available with quality, classic and beautiful products.

All black

There are so many reasons why we love black: it is thin, it fits any occasion, any style, and especially because it always manages to give a dose of refinement. Even if an “all black” outfit seems simple to wear, there are some styling ideas so as not to make it look boring and unimaginative. When you wear a monochrome outfit, the refinement you want to achieve can be lost in an amorphous mass if you do not define and balance your figure.

Get inspired by London outfits by:

  • combining different materials and volumes
  • using juxtapositions between matte and glossy textures.

Oversized coats

No wonder the hybrid between poncho, shawl, and cape, launched by Burberry, became the song of the moment in Great Britain, being on the shoulders of every It-girl. The versatility and comfort offered by this piece allow you to integrate it both in an office outfit and in a boho outfit. Be one of the first to wear the absolute must-have of autumn

The classic burgundy

For several seasons now, burgundy tones are indispensable both in the collections of great designers and in the wardrobe of the most interesting presentations in British street fashion. Being a neutral color, you can match it with both electric shades and calmer, autumnal tones. Make sure you integrate a burgundy drop in your outfits this fall, whether you choose to wear clothes of this color or opt for make-up or a manicure in shades of berries.


It seems that the fashion of the ’90s has become the “new retro” since plaid pieces and overlapping clothes are so popular among fashionistas on the streets of London. Forget the connotations they have with picnic tables or rockabilly style because Scotland and tartan are more current than ever this season. But when wearing a vintage-looking print, it’s important to add some modern accessories to give it a fresh note.

Wide pants

Maybe it’s time to take a break from skinny jeans, opting instead for a pair of wide pants. The palazzo pants manage to give a sophisticated air to any outfit and emphasize most types of silhouette, lengthening the legs and optically thinning the waist. Choose a pair of flared jeans for a boho look or wide pants made of heavier materials for a structured outfit.