Top Ways To Make A Student Accommodation More Homely

August 14, 2021 Off By Calla

Heading to university is definitely one of the best times of your life, meeting your lifelong friends and just experiencing life on your own are just some of the things you will experience. If you have student accommodation, this will probably be the first time that you have your own space away from home, but this will certainly come at a cost as you will be stripped back to basics in the first year as student accommodation is not luxury and the chances of you having the same size bedroom as you did in your family home are slim. In this article, we will give you some great tips which can make your accommodation more homely and inviting.

Rearrange The Room

One thing to know about student accommodation is that they are not built to be cosy and comfortable, they are designed to stick to a budget. One thing that keeps students from expressing themselves is the fact that the layout of the room. Unfortunately, there are some accommodations where you can’t do much about this as the furniture is bolted to the floors, but if you can, you should. This could be that you move your desk towards the window or pick up some room dividers to split the space up. You could even use some space-saving techniques to have everything organised.

Invest In Your Own Bedding and Towels

Investing in your own towels and bedding is essential to make your room yours. You won’t be provided bedding usually so it is best to get something that will last you throughout your years at uni. When you are getting everything, we know that there is a budget but these two items are definitely worth investing in.

Add Some Greenery To The Room

If you have room, it’s always a good idea to add some greenery to the room. Whether that is in the form of some succulent plants or even some botanical wall art. Having some greenery in a room will help you feel relaxed whilst also adding a splash of colour to the room. Having plants in the accommodation will also help the quality of air in the room as it will better oxygenate it. This will improve your moods on the days where you are homesick.

Add Personal Touches

This goes without saying, but having some personal touches like family and friends photos on the wall are great ways to add something special to your room. You could also go and pick up some wall art prints and some ambient lighting to set the scene when you just want to chill and watch Netflix. Other ways you can add personal touches is by adding a rug or having some candles around the room. Be careful with this as some accommodations may not allow tack on the wall or anything flammable so you can opt for faux electric candles and double-sided wall fusers as this will reduce the chances of damaging anything.