4 Furnishing Tips for Your Dining Room

July 19, 2019 Off By Calla

A dining room is designed to be a relaxed, intimate, leisurely room where family or friends eat. Most dining rooms need to be children friendly yet be formal for afternoon adult night, it can be hard to get the right balance between practical and fashionable.


The most important part of a dining room is the table and chairs, and buying designer furniture helps you to love the room as a whole. Buying luxury may cost more, but often dining can be left unused due to the feeling in the room, buy furniture you love and want to use, that’s the best starting point.


Lighting can be altered to fit any atmosphere mood or occasion, aim for a centre light fixture with dimmer switches so it can be bright for lunch time with the kids but romantic and intimate for date night. Try to avoid anything with too much glare as it can get in people’s eyes and be uncomfortable.

Lights can also be used for fashion purposes, adding a bit of colour to a room or a statement piece to make the room seem more stylish.


Centrepieces can vary from flowers to unusual vases or candles, pick a colour scheme and stick to it, and just keep in mind that you shouldn’t aim for something too tall, it can prevent people from seeing each other. Also, nothing too large so you can’t fit plates on the table, having modern dining room furniture with give the whole room a natural premium finish that won’t look intentional.

Dining table

The dining table needs to suit your family first of all but it also for guests and visitors, if many people come round then a large table with benches could work as you can squeeze lots of people onto a bench.

Matching dining tables and chairs often look excellent however for something more budget friendly stores such as IKEA offer matching sets which are also well made and stylish.

If you’re stuck for space then a fold up table is perfect for practicality and making use of the space, especially if you have a small family but have frequent guests.

Lastly if your always messy with children playing arts and crafts or food everywhere, there is often many plastic or laminate worktops that look great but are wipeable and extremely practical.