7 Best Gifts for Makeup Lovers

September 22, 2019 Off By Calla

When you take her out, you need here to look perfect. She is the girl of your dreams, and she is amazing. If she is a makeup addict, then choosing a gift for her is pretty easy, or is it? Choosing makeup is extremely tough. Products are being launched seemingly every day. Regardless, you need to ensure that your special lady loves what you will buy for her. So what are the perfect gifts for a makeup lover?

  1. MAC Cleanser

The base of any makeup is great skin. Fresh looking and radiant skin will leave them wondering whether yours is the skin from heaven. If you take care of your skin, not only will you be the envy of most women but you will also allow the makeup you wear to blend in easily. First things first, cleanse your skin using a quality cleanser and a soft cloth. Then exfoliate your skin to make it feel and look softer and fresh. The best exfoliate product avocado face mask. After using the avocado face mask to exfoliate, wash your skin and use a moisturizer. Remember always to drink at least eight glasses of water a day so that your skin is plump from the inside. Opt for lightweight oil free sunscreen.

  1. MAC Moisturizer

There are very many makeup products today. To get the natural look, remember that less is more. So while shopping opts for products that can do more than one job at a time. For example, a moisturizer that can act a sunscreen lotion and that can even out your skin tone removes the need for buying and using all these products because they will be excess. Even skin tone allows you to have a warmer complexion which will allow you to get away with less makeup.

  1. Maybelline Concealer

The aim of trying to achieve the natural look is to leave people envying your beautiful skin. While the avocado face mask will work in making your skin look younger and smoother, it will not hide those acne marks. So use a good concealer to cover up those breakouts and eye bags. A concealer is a small product that goes a long way in making your skin look smooth, flawless and natural.

  1. Avon Mascara

Your eyes and a huge part your face and you still need them to stand out. You want them to look lively and awake. If you are going to use any mascara, apply a very light layer. You should be careful with mascara though and only use it if you have light eyelashes. If you have darker eyelashes, then avoid using mascara as it will not make you look natural.

  1. Revlon Eyeliner

Eyeliner is perfect for the dramatic look, but it is not good for the natural look. If you still want to wear eyeliner then wear it under your upper eyelashes on your upper eyelids but not on your lower eyelids. It will make you look naturally beautiful and make it easy for you when you are taking off your makeup.

  1. L’Oreal Lipstick

The lipstick one applies says a lot about them. Great lipstick from an amazing brand allows you to have a perfect look. When buying lipstick for your makeup lover, always ensure you are buying from a well- known brand. Smaller brands tend to overuse lead. Lead is a metal that has been proven to cause cancer when used in excess. The lipstick you buy will be applied every day and sometimes several times a day.  This will go well with a pair of long silver earrings.

  1. Clinique Nail polish

A complete look is one where the makeup is accompanied by great looking nails. You, therefore, may want to buy her a great shade of nail polish. Be sure to check that she does not have one already. Just like an exfoliator for dry skin, it is critical that you choose a great brand. You may also want to make sure that it can match her clothes.


Makeup is complicated. You may never understand why she needs so many items, but she does. When buying her makeup products ensure that you have purchased from the best companies to give her high- quality products.