Does Black Friday Offer Better Fashion Deals For Women Than Men?

October 12, 2020 Off By Calla


It is that time of the year again! The time for great in-store deals, and the season considered as the most wonderful time of the year for shoppers: the time products in stores (outlet, retail, and online stores) take a drastic reduction in their prices. Black Friday is an annual day just after Thanksgiving when prices of available products and goods in the market are slashed to almost half its initial price. In the origin of Black Friday, the discounts on products lasted only 24 hours after it started, over the years it extended to the following Monday, giving that Monday the name tag, Cyber Monday. Comments on platforms like BritainReviews reveal that it gradually extended into a whole week and month of discount celebration.

Many shoppers and customers wonder if companies truly slash prices on Black Friday or if it is just another means of getting customers to patronize their business. However, clothing brands like JD offers amazing discounts going as high as 50{901e5fc6337b2f57025d45cd7dc097f4e9fd89803e3b0f9c9dd1b8e08f16b403} off on some of its jd sports jackets. The belief of the authenticity of Black Friday has proved itself to be true over the years but few shoppers still have their doubts. If over the years, shopping on Black Friday has taught us anything, it is that you can truly get a wide range of discounts from brands like the clothing industry on party dresses, winter jackets, T-shirts, hoodies, vests, and shoes.

Black Friday offers mind-blowing discounts on the different categories of products, like phones and laptops, outdoor gears, and most especially clothing. Women’s clothing has been researched to cost a lot higher than the clothing of men, and this is a result of product differentiation in the market economy. Regardless of this, the Black Friday deals tend to work in favor of both genders. With the higher price of the clothing in females than the male gender, it would make it seem as though Black Friday has a better deal for women than men because the price slash is sometimes higher than those of the male gender. Major brands selling jackets, shirts, trousers, and shoes tend to increase the discounts in female clothing a during this period because there are more of the feminine gender patronizing the stores during this time for clothing.

The question, does Black Friday offer better fashion deals for women than men? The answer to this question isn’t quite straight. It depends on several factors, the type of brand doing the discounts, and the type of retail, outlet, or online store having the Black Friday sales. However, some stores offer better fashion deals for the women because there are statistically more female customers patronizing them, before the discount period, so it only makes sense that they make provision for them during the discount season. Most men would rather focus on the gadget and tools category than clothing during Black Friday season. As you shop for your clothing this Black Friday, have in my mind that there are discounts available for both sexes in the market, and depending on the store and brand, and you could get better fashion deals compared to that of the other sex in gender-focused companies.