Some Popular Myths About Infrared Body Wraps and Why They are False

March 26, 2020 Off By Calla


Infrared red light therapy has become a popular choice in the beauty and wellness industry. But with increased popularity, there has been a significant rise in misconceptions about it. This post covers some of the most common myths about body wrap treatments floating everywhere.

Myth 1: Body wrap Treatments are Unsafe

One of the most popular misconceptions about body wraps like red light skin therapy is that it’s unsafe. However, the truth is that the treatment is entirely safe. Moreover, more than half of the rays emitted by the sun are infrared rays. This means all living beings absorb IR rays daily. The safety of infrared rays can be evaluated from the fact that it’s used in hospitals to keep premature babies warm.

Myth 2: The Treatment Dehydrates the Body

Many believe that body wrap treatments caused dehydration. But so do any intense workout or exercise. Any physical activity that promotes sweating causes the body to lose water weight. However, infrared treatments like body wraps are different in the way that it penetrates the skin 1.5 inches deep. While regular exercises only flush out 3{901e5fc6337b2f57025d45cd7dc097f4e9fd89803e3b0f9c9dd1b8e08f16b403} of body impurities through sweating, IR treatment discards over 20{901e5fc6337b2f57025d45cd7dc097f4e9fd89803e3b0f9c9dd1b8e08f16b403} of toxins from the body.

Myth 3: Infrared Treatments and Sauna are the Same

Body wrap and sauna are skin rejuvenation treatment that involves infrared light. This is the reason why most people consider both treatments to be the same. However, sauna and body wrap is different in many ways.

A typical sauna session lasts anywhere from 10-20 minutes in which the participant is exposed to infrared light to induce sweating. Since the air is warm and hard to breathe, the sessions are kept short and often done in parts.

On the other hand, the body wrap session offers a relaxing experience. Since the infrared rays are released directly into the skin, the participant can breathe comfortably.

Myth 4: All body Wrap Treatments are the Same

There are a wide variety of body wraps available in the market. While some are made for home usage, others are for commercial use. Some body wraps target specific parts of the body, and some cover the entire body. Moreover, the materials used to make the body wrap also determine its quality and functionality.

Myth 5: You Don’t Need to Maintain Healthy Diet

Do you know an infrared body wrap session has the same effect as a cardio workout? With infrared light treatment, losing calories is much more comfortable.

But if you think merely taking body wrap treatment will help you cut down on the body fat, you are wrong. A body wrap is not a magical cure to excess body fat; instead, it supplements in fat reduction. Following a proper diet, doing regular exercise, and adopting a healthy lifestyle is also crucial for weight loss.

Myth 6: It Show Effects Slowly

Many believe that infrared red light therapy shows slow results. However, it’s not true. Some benefits of the body wrap are visible right after the first session. Some effects like weight loss may need several sessions before any evident results.