Unisex Trends for 2020

January 31, 2020 Off By Calla



There are more brands and designers offering unisex garments as part of their collections in 2020, and you might not think it, but it’s working. Here’s a look at some trends that are taking the fashion sector by storm.

Streetwear Brands

While designers such as FADED don’t advertise their products as unisex, there customer basic for their menswear is growing, and it’s including celebrities and women. Celebrity DJ’s, Z-Listers and many more women are finding the mens graphic t-shirts and oversized fit perfect for their streetwear collection. There are plenty of other brands in a similar situation and they’re all promoting it on their social platform to encourage more to join the style, regardless of gender.

Puffer Jackets

A couple favourite for a winter holiday. Puffer style jacket are being released for both men and women and suit all. The jackets natural oversized style gives the perfect winter fit and on the high-street at companies such as Uniqlo style their jackets in completely different way for men and women to show the variety that can come from their simple garments.

Check Fleeced Shirts

Similar to puffer jacket the oversized gender friendly style is taking over smart casual styles. Yellow, reds and blue are all in for the end of winter and to keep you worn they’re also fleece, so it’s more of a shacked.

Utility Clothing

Utility garment have taken over the streetwear scene, as it’s reinventing the causal style with a workwear twist. Cargos, jackets and vests are all a big hit and it’s not just for men. Fashions shows are leading the way with this trend and although most people consider it as mens streetwear, women designers are also highlighting the look.

Oversized Corduroy

Cord is everywhere, but for 2020 thick fits with a grandad vibe is currently a unisex best seller. Majority of high street stores are behind this in winter colours such as navy khaki and burgundy.