Why Buy Scandinavian Watches

November 27, 2019 Off By Calla

Over the years, watches have evolved to become more than a tool to tell time. They have incorporated many aspects of modern design and have become a fashion statement.

Some of the most popular watches are Scandinavian watches. The Scandinavian region has proved itself as the hotbed of modern watch brands and lots of watch designers.

Here are some reasons why you should get yourself a Scandinavian watch brand.

Simplistic modern design

Scandinavian watches are distinct based on their simplistic and beautiful design. When you wear one on your hand, it is easily recognizable from its beautiful design. The minimalist design on these watches expresses the skills and inspiration of the region’s numerous watch designers.

Unique materials used to produce the watches

Besides their beauty in design, Scandinavian watches are also built using unique materials. One of the leading watch brands is made from materials of salvaged classic cars such as the Mini Cooper and the Ford Mustang.

Scandinavian watches also come in wood and as jewelry encrusted watches for both men and women. In line with their history, Scandinavian designers make their watches also from steel that was used by their ancestors to make swords.


Another reason why you should buy Scandinavian watches is their price. Even with their unique materials and the work that goes into the design, most Scandinavian watches are affordable to buy.

Further, these watches are a great investment and a good store of value. With their durability, many Scandinavian watch brands are bought and kept as a family heirloom.

High quality

Scandinavian watches are highly reputable for their high quality. They are durable and easy to maintain. Many Scandinavian watch manufacturers have been in existence for a long time and have not changed the quality of their products all this time.


Many of the Scandinavian watch manufacturers are family owned and controlled. With the skill and business passing down from generation to generation, many of these companies are int their fourth generation.

As a watch enthusiast, you are sure you cannot go wrong with a family company that has lived and sharpened its experience over four generations. These watch brands have existed over time and are synonymous with watchmaking and are popular brands all over the world.


Even as Scandinavian watch brands are praised for their longevity in the market, they are also praised for their ability to change with the times.

There are Scandinavian watch manufacturers that are striving to create modern digital watches based on the traditional and honed Scandinavian watch design principles. These modern timepieces easily incorporate a watch, GPS and compass. They are suitable for sports and use in geological fields such as spatial engineering.

Other Scandinavian watch manufacturers are producing smartwatches that you can connect to your smartphone.


The leading factor leading to the high quality of these watches is that, historically, Scandinavian watches have been mostly handmade. Handcrafted watches easily incorporate exquisite design and features.

This also makes them valuable artifacts and expensive timepieces as manufacturers are not able to mass-produce them. This means that when you wear one of them, you are wearing a limited-edition timepiece.


Depending on the brand of watch you acquire, you buy yourself more than a timepiece. You buy a fashion accessory for your dressing style.

With their beautiful and simplistic design, interchangeable multicolored and different material straps, you can change your watch to suit or match the clothes you are wearing. The watch can be worn as an accessory and also as a timepiece.

They can be worn to display individuality, sense of style and to go with the current trends.


Scandinavian watches have been in existence for a long time. They embody the history of timekeeping and the manufacturing of timepieces.

As tastes, styles, and trends change, these watch brands have maintained their appeal by sticking to their history but changing with times in terms of design and functionality of their timepieces.